5. Responses

All requests to Agent Availability API endpoints return standard HTTP headers, including the response status code, and a response body in JSON format.

Success response code and parameters

Successful requests return a 200 Success code with a JSON object in the response body.

Response codes and errors

Error code 400 Bad Request

The Agent Availability API returns 400 Bad Request in response to an invalid request.

Request with no skill name or request with empty skill name

    "SkillNames": [
        "The SkillNames field is required."

Error code 401 Unauthorized

The Agent Availability API returns 401 Unauthorized in response to missing, invalid, or expired authorization details.

Error code 403 Forbidden

The Agent Availability API returns 403 Forbidden if the API is not accessible or you do not have access to Agent Availability API.

Error code 500 Internal Server Error

An internal server error occurred.